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224 Valkyrie Reloading and Ammunition / Re: Primers Used
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:43:24 AM »

No. Tried them during load development with 95 gr SMKs I believe. I just dropped 100 + cases in the tumbler for initial cleaning and will be reloading tomorrow or Sunday. I'll load some with 450s and see how they do.

That would be great.  I'm curious how they perform for you.  Thanks

224 Valkyrie Reloading and Ammunition / Re: Primers Used
« on: September 13, 2018, 11:02:37 AM »
I tried 450s as I had some for my 6.5x47 too.! 450s worked fine just were not the most accurate with the load I tried them with. Didn't make a lot of difference in POI. I didn't chrono them.
Did you try them with you 25gr of Reloader 15 and the 88 eld load?

224 Valkyrie Reloading and Ammunition / Re: Primers Used
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:25:59 AM »
Would anyone see a problem using CCI 450 small rifle magnum primers?  I have a bunch laying around from 6.5x47 lapua and was wondering if they would be ok to use in .224 valkyrie as opposed to cci 400 small rifle primers.  Anyone know the difference?

224 Valkyrie Photo Gallery / Re: Seekins .224 Val
« on: September 12, 2018, 05:09:08 PM »
...curious, how's that BA barrel performing?  Commercial off the shelf ammo and handloads?

Yeah im curious as to how the BA shoots as well.  I almost bought a BA barrel, but at the time i was looking they only offered the 18 inch for .224 valk.  Wanted longer then that.

224 Valkyrie Photo Gallery / Re: Something a little different
« on: September 12, 2018, 04:14:47 PM »
What the...?! Cool! Before I ask all the obvious questions I'm gonna google around a bit!

This ^^^

But my google fu must be weak right now...  How does this even work?  Where does the bolt go?  Doesnt look like its piston based, gas system is DI.   ???

224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Re: Day at the 100yd line
« on: September 12, 2018, 12:13:07 PM »
Yes Wuzuprad, I agree on not wanting to single load. Just trying to get some data so I can see if the barrel and chamber cutter folks can see that they need to make this right. Thanks for your thoughts.

Thats a great idea.  Just load some long to see if they shoot well.  Thanks I will give that a try.  I will try that and let them and you all know the results.  They offered for me to send the barrel back to have it inspected for QC.  Ill do this before I send it back to them.

224 Valkyrie Reloading and Ammunition / Re: Freebore mistake
« on: September 11, 2018, 04:51:47 PM »
Do we have any info as to if PTG has corrected this issue with new valkyrie reamers that are being produced?  I had just contacted my barrel manufacturer (Faxon) after measuring my freebore and they seemed to be unaware of the issue.  My freebore was long, by around .05 but they said that the old reamers that were around from making my barrel were worn and have been replaced.  I asked them to check to see if their current ones were in SAAMI spec.  Waiting to hear what they say.  But i was wondering if anyone knew if PTG had fixed this issue yet?


Also they did offer me and RMA to send my barrel in to have it inspected for quality control.  Mine is not shooting good with factory 90grs or hornady 88gr eldms.  Also i havent been able to get reloads to shoot better then 2 to 4 inch ish groups at 100.

224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Re: Day at the 100yd line
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:05:27 PM »
I have found that my Craddock Precision barrel will shoot from .500 plus to around 1.000 groups at 100yds using RL 15 and the Hornady 88 gr ELD and Sierra 90 gr MK. But my chamber jump is around .056. so I load the bullets out longer to reduced the jump to get those measurements. I just load one at a time to do this. It appears that some of the chamber cutters are not correct per the spec.

Yeah ive been looking into this.  I load mine to the longest magazine length it will allow.  I measured my chamber today after i got home.  Like constructor says it should be cut to 1.676 but looks like mine was cut long to 1.72  about .045 long give or take.  I just sent a message off to the barrel manufacturer.  Will see what they say.  I dont want to single load mine.   :'(

224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Re: Day at the 100yd line
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:01:43 PM »
Ive found those big circular targets difficult to create a consistent sight picture for assessing accuracy.  I prefer the diamonds with vert and horizontal references. 

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Wasnt actually aiming at the circular target.  Was aiming at the aim points i marked in yellow.  Where the black lines meet the outer circle.  I think they were a small enough aiming point to do the job.

224 Valkyrie Reloading and Ammunition / Re: Starline Brass
« on: September 10, 2018, 07:03:19 PM »
I bought 250 pieces of starline brass after a terrible experience with hornady brass.  So far so good with the starline.  Seems to prime nicely.  My Hornady brass all had primer pockets that were cut off center to the rest of the case so the primer wouldn't go in smoothly.  Loaded up the first 100 pieces of starline brass though and not a single issue.  Shot them today and the cases worked fine.  Will see how they do through multiple reloads.

224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Re: Day at the 100yd line
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:46:00 PM »
I think that 24.7 grouped a little tighter then 25gr.  I might try slowing them down to 24.5 and see what happens.  Muzzle velocity at least was good so theres a bit of room to slow them down.  As much as i hate too.  I think im also going to go over the gun and make sure everything is torqued tight.

224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Day at the 100yd line
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:32:00 PM »
First off, the particulars -

Faxon 24inch 5R match barrel  1 in 7 twist
Odin Works 15 keymod lite o2 handguard
Adams arms piston kit (gas setting seems to eject well at half setting with a suppressor)
Timney drop in trigger assembly
New Frontier Armory Billet lower receiver
Ballistic Advantage forged upper
JP silent capture spring
Bushnell HDMR Horus 59 reticle scope
American defense QD scope mount 34mm 0moa
Liberty Mystic X 9mm suppressor on a silencerco QD muzzle brake
Houge Grip
Magpul CTR stock

All shots were taken from 100 yards away. 
Starline valkyrie 224 brass - first loading
Hornday 88gr ELD match bullets

2 loads being used today -

24.7 grains of Reloader 15
25 grains of Reloader 15
OAL 2.315  Seated to mag length (ASC 224 Valkyrie, 6.8mm SPC AR-15 15-Round Stainless Steel Magazines)
Did a magneto speed test on both loads.  9 rounds of the 25grain bullets, 11 rounds of the 24.7

25 gr reloader 15 -
min - 2821 fps
max- 2866 fps
avg - 2843 fps
SD - 14.3

24.7 gr reloader 15 -
min - 2795 fps
max - 2839 fps
avg - 2816
SD - 13.4

Good speeds but couldn't get it to group well

Thanks for the suggestions, though i gave up on the hornady and didnt do any of that.  I bought 250 pieces of starline brass and primed with no issues.  Though, Alaska_guy from your photo it looks like your brass actually has a primer hole that is centered to the casing.  You can see all 4 center line markings around the primer.  My cases always had one line missing because the cases were off center.  Anyways im testing out the star line brass now and it seems to be off good quality.  Looks great, primers go right in and loads so far have been good.  Ill post later on when i finally get a good load for the gun worked up and shooting well.

Has anyone else tried reloading hornady valkyrie brass yet and run into the same issue?

So went and got an rcbs small primer pocket reamer tool.  Seemed to be doing its job by reaming and uniforming the pocket, small little bras shavings were coming out and the pocket looked very shiney after they were done.  But apparently off center is still off center no matter how uniform it is.  Still ended up with smooshed and deformed primers in about half of about 10 that i tried.  Even tried using the priming tool on my hornady lock n load AP press.  Results were the same.  I let hornady know, but they haven't responded to my ticket in a while.

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