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The Varget  23.4 looks like the winner in your groupings. Seems a little light in velocity though. WE all know velocity = knock down power.
224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Re: First Range Report - New 224V Upper
« Last post by KRC on Today at 05:11:59 PM »
I’ve run into this “tight chamber” issue before. When I got my first RRA Varmint rifle I began handloading with several dies, and settled on the Forster FL die with neck sizing bushings. (I’ve found neck tension to be an important tuning parameter with the .223.) About a year or so later I bought another RRA Varmint, same company, same model, same barrel maker etc. (one 16” one 18” barrel). When I went to shoot reloads made for the first rifle in the new one, a live round jammed so hard into the chamber I had to buy a $100 tool to remove it. I then had to purchase a small base FL die, and now resize cases completely separately for these two guns.

This is not that big of an issue for me except that at the present time no company appears to offer a 224V FL die with neck bushing in the small base dimensions. The FL 6.8SPC die I have sizes the Valkyrie cases down considerably from the RCBS, doesn’t touch the neck (which is resized with a bushing with the RCBS), and only seems to move the shoulder up about .001” or less. If I find the Starline brass resized with both dies doesn’t chamber properly, I’ll just pick up a small base 6.8SPC FL die.

Seems like Kreiger uses close to a minimum spec reamer? Anyone else reloading for a Kreiger chambered 224V?
New Member Introductions / Hello from WV!
« Last post by Tyler40 on Today at 09:33:39 AM »
My name is Keith, I am from wild and wonderful WV, hunting, fishing and shooting are my hobbies, in the process of building my first .224 Valkyrie going to use it mainly for Coyote Hunting and some range time!
I've been reading on this forum and Facebook how the 80's outperform the 88 ELD's. My 24" rifle averages a little over MOA with 88's @ 2660 fps with Varget.

In order for the 80's to outperform the 88's at 1,000 yards, I guess I have to hit about 3,000 fps. Has anyone hit 3,000 fps with Varget? I've loaded 25.5 grains of Varget with the 75 ELD's and only got 2,915 fps.

I'm strictly thinking about 1,000 plus yards, so velocity and BC matter.

Varget is my favorite powder in 308 and 223, so I buy it in bulk.

I have a Bison Armory 20", 6.5T and with 26.9 of CFE223 and 88 ELDM, seated at 2.345", it is supersonic out to and beyond (depending on temp)1K. .5" - .7" regularly at 100 with very low SD and ES. It's my PRS match load.
224 Valkyrie General Discussion / Re: Muzzle brakes, 5/8x24
« Last post by binazone on Today at 08:19:05 AM »
a12, good choice. I have several of the ones you can purchase on Ebay and they work just fine. I'm sure the $$$ ones work very well indeed, but I've got the $ ones on .260, 243, 308, 223, 300BLK and the Val and they work just fine. Only downside is, yeh, they're from China.

The Miculek brake mentioned (I have two) is certainly worth $45 and works very well.
I found a load with H4895 for the 80 ELD's that works great for me. 24.0 grains is giving me 1/2" 5 shot groups at 100 yards. Velocity is average 2846 through a 24" barrel. I did go up to 24.3 grains, but the accuracy fell of a bit. Did not measure the velocity for that load.
224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Re: First Range Report - New 224V Upper
« Last post by a12driver on Today at 07:12:21 AM »
Odd about the chambering problem with the dies. I have the RCBS dies and don't have any problems chambering in my CMMG barrel.
224 Valkyrie General Discussion / Re: Muzzle brakes, 5/8x24
« Last post by a12driver on Today at 07:09:53 AM »
I am retired and need to be particular about my expenditures. When I was building my Valkyrie upper, the last thing I bought was a muzzle brake. The Valkyrie has a very mild recoil to begin with and I considered not using a brake at all especially after seeing the extremely high prices of a lot of companies are charging. So as an experiment, I purchased a brake on ebay for $19.99 including shipping (probably from china). The brake works fine, reduced the little muzzle jump that was there to begin with. It is going to fall apart? I doubt it. I just don't have the option to brag about my $160 muzzle brake when I go to the range:)
224 Valkyrie General Discussion / Re: Muzzle brakes, 5/8x24
« Last post by BG_Valkyrie on March 19, 2019, 06:53:21 PM »
I have the VG6 Epsilon in 65 on my Valkyrie and it does a great job. If memory serves it came Crome Arm or Alley for about $60. I also recently built a 12.5” 68spc and it uses a Dead Air Keymo Brake. Does equally as well at recoil reduction but doesn’t blast the shooter as bad. I gave $75 for it but I don’t remember where from. Either would serve you fine at a reasonable price.
224 Valkyrie Range Reports / Re: First Range Report - New 224V Upper
« Last post by Campower on March 19, 2019, 12:11:16 PM »
Have you tried Redding dies? I find them to be top notch. Never had an issue with any cartridge clambering.
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