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224 Valkyrie Rules
« on: February 22, 2018, 03:30:07 AM »
1. Management reserves the right to edit, delete, or lock posts and threads, and to ban at any time and for any reason. Having said that, we will strive to be fair and reasonable and to allow honest spirited debate.

2. We ask members to refrain from posting information or statements that contain inaccurate or grossly misleading statements. Any statements that may harm either person, vendor or manufactures are prohibited.

3. Keep all your comments Rated PG. Be respectful and we will all get along.

4. This forum is intended for 224 Valyrie owners and enthusiasts alike.  So try and keep the topics on point.

Off topic posts must be Safe for Work!  No nudity, profanity etc.

In order to post in the Buy/Sell Forum you MUST have 20 posts.  We have set Status to equal "Regular Member" once you hit 20 posts.   After you have reached your 20 posts you will then be able to see the Buy/Sell Forums and participate.
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